Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats!

Isabella Oliver Maternity

Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats! Obviously I do! It’s Halloween !! Who would not deal with and deceive?!! I simply hope that your technique and dealing with goes a bit much better than mine!

Ghastly Henry Tricks and Treats is the very first experience on this weird cool DVD collection. It’s one of 6 spookily ghastly stories from my famous Series 1. There’s another spinal column chiller– or ought to I state spinal column tickler!– in Horrid Henry and the Haunted House, and everyone’s worst headache become a reality in Horrid Henry and the New Teacher. Instructor fears continue with an unforeseen turn in Horrid Henry’s Time Capsule and the penalty does not stop there! Prepared to be pooped on the pitch by a Mouldy Old Measle aka Moody Margaret aka Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend. Told you it was frightening!!

So here we go, Halloween is here once again and we are technique and dealing with. Have a ghastly Halloween and keep in mind to inform all of us about it !!

Vote Henry!

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