Making Scars and Wounds With Stage/Theater Makeup

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Special results take efficiencies and reveals to a greater level of strength and stagecraft. Theater makeup produces a visual impact that assists set the tone for scene and much better specifies the characters. Wounds and scars much better depict the occasions that have actually happened and set a more exhilarating and sensible tone to the efficiency.


When it concerns developing realistic-looking cuts, contusions, or burns, it just takes a couple of materials:

• & bull; Liquid latex -to assist set the location for makeup and to assist with simple makeup elimination

• & bull; Bruise and abrasion wheel -a range of makeup colors that produce an ending up touch to the contusion, burn, or cut you are developing.

The primary step in developing a swelling with phase makeup is to dab a little bit of red from the contusion wheel with a makeup sponge to produce an inflamed appearance. Next, use the purple and blue and mix it out to produce the appearance you want. Include green and yellow to offer the impact that the contusion occurred a couple days earlier.


With a couple of easy products, you can have a burn that looks theatrical and extremely sensible.

• & bull; Bruise and burn color wheel – offers you with the colors had to produce a sensible burn

• & bull; Gel- to produce a rough surface area to the skin(**• )

& bull; Stage blood- to finish the appearance of a newly burned or recovery surface area

To produce an incorrect burn on the skin, use the gel in a dabbing movement. Next, utilizing the red color in your wheel, dab the red onto the gelatin to produce a swelled and inflamed appearance. Utilize the dark red or light brown to include a much better visual impact to the whole surface area. Gently dab black around the edges and gently over the surface area. Utilizing phase blood and a little brush, use a percentage to the recently produced injury to offer the last touch.

Cuts and scars

Scars, whether little or huge, can produce a history for any character. To produce a scar that will withstand, the following products are suggested:

• & bull; Liquid latex – assists secure the skin by assisting in elimination

• & bull; Scar wax- assists produce an appearance of raised, scarred skin

• & bull; Adhesive – to hold the wax in location

• & bull; Foundation – assists mix colors of the wax with the natural color of the skin

• & bull; Bruise and abrasion wheel – offers the ideal makeup colors had to offer the complete impact

• & bull; Powder – eliminates the shine of the liquid latex

• & bull; Stage blood – whether a cut or open scar, phase blood assists to finish the sensible look

1. Scars are produced by very first using liquid latex to the workspace on the skin.

2. Next, use an adhesive to assist hold the scar in location.

3. Utilizing a spatula, thoroughly use a little bit of scar wax. If you do not have access to a spatula, you can roll the wax into a snake-like shape, location it on the skin, and carefully mix the edges of the wax onto the surface area of the skin, leaving a raised area of wax in the middle.

4. Apply another layer of adhesive to assist protect the wax. Use a light coat of powder to lower the shine of the latex if wanted.

5. Usage structure on the edges and top of the wax to assist the color of the wax with the skin color.

6. Color the scar utilizing the abrasion wheel. Dab the colors around the scar to produce an appearance of swelling, bruising, and scarring.

Creating a cut is just like developing a scar. Follow actions 1-4 in developing a scar then utilize the spatula to produce a ‘cut’ down the center of the wax. Next, use structure around the cut to mix with the color of the skin. Apply red paint from the abrasion wheel to offer an appearance of inflammation and swelling. Include other colors, if essential, to produce the remarkable appearance you are wishing to accomplish. With a thin brush, carefully use the phase paint into the open cut. You might likewise opt to dab the phase blood to produce an appearance of leaking blood.

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