Mature Tips|Xbox One|Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted

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Grow Up Tips|Xbox One|Cheats Codes Tricks Tips Wanted.

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Mature Achievements List.

Unlockables: Achievement List.
Total the jobs listed below and you’ll open the accomplishment defined.

BUD-tanical Brilliance (150 points): Complete the video game 100%.

POWER UP! (100 points): Collect all crystals.

No Mountain Too High (70 points): Complete all difficulties.

All Grown UP (100 points): Rescue MOM.

Mushroom Maypole (30 points): Plant 10 Champolines on top of each other.

BUD Friend! (30 points): Take an animal to the moon.

Delighted Landing! (30 points): Blast an animal 100 m.

Star Planter! (80 points): Flower all STARPLANTS.

Take off (30 points): Grab 2 Sporchids all at once and ride upwards for 400 m.

Along For The Ride (50 points): Complete an obstacle holding a Critter.

Budding Traveller (20 points): Visit all biomes.

Floraforms (70 points): Unlock all seeds.

Carpet Gardening (30 points): Throw 100 seeds whilst sliding.

Teletastic (80 points): Unlock all telerouters.

I Can See Your House From Here. (60 points): Orbit the whole world in BALL mode.

Can I Have A P Please, BUD? (30 points): Discover letter obstruct P.

Cuddly Meeps (40 points): Discover the sheep and the bull.

Unlockables: Secret Achievement List.
Total the jobs listed below and you’ll open the secret accomplishment defined.

There seems clear accomplishments for this video game.

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