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When you spray Poo ~ Pourri into the bowl BEFORE-you-go, our exclusive formula develops a protective barrier on the water’s surface area that traps smells below the surface area and keeps them from the air. All you’ll smell is a rejuvenating arrangement of vital oils!

Poo ~ Pourri does more than simply enhance air quality– it’s eco-friendly. Our secret blends utilize vital oils to remove restroom smells, making it safe for the world and your septic tanks.

Noise too excellent to be real? We’re so sure you’ll like it, we even use a genuine refund STINK-FREE GUARANTEE. Since it actually works, go ahead … sign up with millions of delighted consumers who’ve attempted Poo ~ Pourri for enjoyable and keep utilizing it!

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Author: Nicole Story.
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Poo ~ Pourri Girl: Bethany Woodruff.
Post Production Supervisor: Zak Ciotti.
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