Just how much do you learn about HIV?

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Dr. Vaishak Vidyadhar, Physician with The Bangalore Hospital, Bangalore, discusses the a few of the essentials realities about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency infection).

” The most typical mode of spread of HIV is through sexual relations. It can be avoided by practicing safe sex, utilizing prophylactics.”.

HIV means human immunodeficiency infection. It is divided into 2 types:.
HIV 1: Most typical kind of HIV, accountable for 90% of cases.
HIV 2: Rare kind of HIV, reported from some parts of West Africa. Accountable for 5-10% cases just.

HIV attacks the body immune system of a body, targeting the T-helper cells (CD4), a kind of leukocyte. HIV slowly damages the body, therefore rendering it susceptible to other infections and illness.

HELP (obtained immunodeficiency syndrome) is the last phase of HIV infection. Not all HIV-positive individuals will establish AIDS.

A person who is HIV favorable, if left unattended might eventually catch it. This would significantly depend on the person’s age, health and other aspects and might take 15-20 years.

HIV can be sent through:.
Risky sex, consisting of anal, in some cases oral and vaginal sexual intercourse with a contaminated individual.
It can pass from a contaminated mom to her kid throughout breastfeeding, shipment or pregnancy.
Sharing needles and syringes with contaminated people.
Transferred through contaminated blood, organ, and tissue transplant.

You can not get contaminated with HIV by:.
Sharing things with a contaminated individual.
Insect bites.
Kissing or touching.

Keep in mind, there is no treatment for HIV. Avoidance is the just suggests to make sure that you are safe versus this fatal infection. Treatment with reliable antiretroviral and assistance is important for a contaminated person to live longer.

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