Hold a motorbike with 1 hook.

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Establish this rugged anchor accessory in seconds by protecting it to practically anything. The Jeri-Rigg can hold up to 3,000 pounds, and it assists with daily lifting, protecting, and arranging.

Carry a motorbike in a truck or hang a bike in the garage. Or utilize its sturdy style to arrange devices or hang containers as a jobsite buddy. The Jeri-Rigg avoids the prevalent snapping, moving, and scratching that includes utilizing bungee cables and other ad-hoc protecting techniques alone.

The setup is practically immediate. Strap the wrap to the things you wish to secure location or onto a holding surface area. There are 2 types: the j-hook and the eye-hook. Both connect and hold to almost anything. Utilize them as an anchoring point in combination with tie downs (e.g., bungee cables, restrain straps, ropes, chains)– or utilize the j-hook by itself to hang things.

From the home of your truck, camper, boat, or anywhere else, this protecting system is a consistent, helpful assistant.

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