playing chase, a laundry assistant and a journey to the park – DITL Feb.

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I seem like this sort of basic, enjoyable and household filled day in the house was precisely what I wished to record when I set out to vlog the countdown to us moving home. These are precisely the sort of every day memories that I wish to shut in. Thanks a lot for viewing, see you once again tomorrow.

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I’m Lucy. I’m the video camera lady, director, editor, professional photographer, and basic organiser of all thing around these parts. I likewise grow infants … that’s a quite unique very power!

My long suffering blogger/vlogger/instagram other half is Rich; he is astonishingly helpful (and often almost tolerant) of this insane online world that plays such a huge part in our lives.

Together we are moms and dads to our little trio kiddos; five-year-old Dylan, four-year-old Everly and one-year-old Quinn … oh and we’re moms and dads to 2 fluffy infants too; Darcy (the black one) and Wentworth (the grey one).

It’s an overall cliche to state it; however my little people is my whole world.

We hope you delight in beginning this little journey we call life with us.

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