Exactly what remains in My Healthcare facility Bag// New Mommy

Isabella Oliver Maternity

Exactly what remains in my medical facility bag as a very first time mom.

I wound up utilizing most of these things. I will include a list listed below of exactly what I did and didn’t utilize:.

* = things I wound up utilizing.

Diaper Bag: Juju Be Bff (Buy buy child) *.
Accordian File (Wal Greens) *.
Getting blankets (Wal Mart).
Pet Blanket (Babies R United States) *.
Pet Toy (Babies R United States).
Baby Diapers Pampers (Target).
Water Wipes (Babies R United States).
Wubbanub (Buy buy Baby) *.
Slippers and socks (Gift) *.
Lion Onesie NB (Gift) *.
Plain White Onesies NB (Kohls).
Gownie NB (Wal Mart).
Whale Onesie NB (Souvenir Store).
Blue Striped Outfit and Hat 0-3 (Wal Mart).
Play Suit and Hat 0-3 (Gift).
Wet Bag Skip Hop (Tj Maxx).
Yellow Gloves (Gift).
Child Boy Gloves (Babies R United States) *.
Nail Clipper Safety First (Babies R United States).

Bag: Wal Mart *.
Additional Peppermint Gum (Gas Station).
Black Leggings (Pink) *.
Pink Tank Top (Pink) *.
White Socks (Tj Maxx).
Slipper Socks (Wal Mart) * … they shed all over.
Slippers (Macy’s) *.
Turn Flops (Wal Mart).
Headband (Old).
3 Gilligan and OMalley Nursing Tanks (Target) *.
Gilligan and OMalley Nursing Bra (Target) *.
Pajama Tank and Shorts (Wal Mart).
Black Sweatpants (Target) *.
Black Bathrobe (Wal Mart) *.
2 Packs Hanes Underwear (Wal Mart) … didn’t utilize at medical facility, however certainly utilized when I got house.
Spray Bottle (Wal Greens).
Clif Bars (Whole Foods).
Sugar Free Candies (Wal Greens).
Additional Plastic Bags … medical facility offered a good huge bag.
Over night Pads (Wal Greens) … medical facility provided and method too big/intense to utilize.
Earphones (Old) *.
Laptop computer *.
Bobbi Pins and Ties.
Chapstick (Whole Foods).
Rainbow Light Prenatal Vitamins (Whole Foods) *.
Nursing Pads (Wal Greens).
Dermoplast (Wal Greens).
Contact Solution and Case (Wal Greens) *.
Glasses *.
Shea Moisture Shampoo (Wal Greens) *.
Desert Essence Mouthwash (Whole Foods) *.
Body Wash *.
Shea Moisture Face Lotion (Wal Greens) *.
Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner (Wal Greens) *.
Boscia Face Wash (Sephora) *.
Cotton bud (Wal Greens) *.
Flossers (Wal Greens) *.
Tooth brush and Paste *.
Loofa *.
Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Cream (Target) *.
Extension Cord, Chargers, Camera, Quarters *.
Cosmetics *.
Bandeu (Old) *.
Nursing Pillow (Gift) *.
Book (didn’t discuss in video) *.
Sweet Spot Vaginal Wipes (Target).

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